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PLSM102 S.S. Manifold
    Publish time 2023-07-21 13:58    
PLSM102 S.S. Manifold

The s.s. manifolds are designed both for heating and cooling systems for efficient control and distribution of fluids.

The energy savings combined with silent running and increased flexibility for room layouts gives a solution that will add real value to a property.

Euroconus are an optional extra


l  Material: Stainless Steel

l  Max Working Temperature: 90

l  Max Working Pressure: 10bar

1”X 2ways X 3/41”X 3ways X 3/4
1”X 4ways X 3/41”X 5ways X 3/4
1”X 6ways X 3/41”X 7ways X 3/4
1”X 8ways X 3/41”X 9ways X 3/4
1”X 10ways X 3/41”X 11ways X 3/4
1”X 12ways X 3/4